Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


In principle, Ulus İthalat shall not sell, rent or allow their use by third parties of any site visitor's personal data (i.e. name, e-mail address, business and personal address, phone numbers) submitted to its site. If Ulus İthalat wishes to make use of this data for marketing or monitoring purposes, it will provide prior notice and ask for your express consent.

Subject to your consent, Ulus İthalat may want to use your personal data for the following purposes:

·       To deliver brochure and catalogue or other correspondence

·       To deliver press bulletins or notices by e-mail

·       To deliver purchased goods or awards

Only authorized Ulus İthalat personal or contracted individuals and companies who have agreed to keep such data confidential, shall access personal data. Ulus İthalat  may use statistical data (type of browser, geographical location, age, gender, etc.) without divulging identities as part of its continuous internal review process to improve the site and to learn more about its clients. Such data shall not be divulged to third parties by Ulus İthalat. Such data shall only be used for the above-specified purposes and not be used for unilateral communication without your prior consent.

Ulus İthalat does not guarantee that any other sites you may access via the links at its site, shall abide by the principles of its Interactive Confidentiality Charter as summarized above. Therefore, we recommend that you evaluate the confidentiality principles of accessed sites prior to supplying any information deemed personal.

For further information on the Ulus İthalat Interactive Confidentiality Charter, please refer to info@ulus.com.tr  Ulus İthalat may modify this charter at its discretion.